Documenting our progress hardening Android, selling source-available software, generating revenue through ethical partnerships and securing systems.
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CopperheadOS release: Android 10

Android 10 brings new UX enhancements and features from previous CopperheadOS releases

Community Builder's Initiative

Supporting our builders and promoting source availability

Misinformation is dangerous

The latest WhatsApp exploit buzz demonstrates the danger of spreading false information

CopperheadOS Release: Android 9

Taking advantage of Android 9's improvements while enhancing the CopperheadOS user experience

CopperheadOS Pixels Available

Buy CopperheadOS secured Pixels from our online store

Memory disclosure mitigations in CopperheadOS

An overview of CopperheadOS security features relevant to squashing information leaks via various kinds of memory disclosure bugs.

CopperheadOS online store now available

Devices with CopperheadOS Beta can be purchased from Copperhead's store

Announcing CopperheadOS Crowdfunding

Copperhead Will Be Crowdfunding with Privacy Partners Guardian Project and F-Droid

CopperheadOS Beta

Beta is now available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 9 and Nexus 5X

CopperheadOS Alpha

Alpha is now available for the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Hardening Android's Bionic libc

Extending the exploit mitigations in Android's standard C library implementation

Separating Android's encryption and lockscreen passwords

Addressing a long-standing weakness in Android's encryption support

Integrating PaX into Android

Addressing the Android platform's peculiarities for proper PaX support.

The State of ASLR on Android Lollipop

Investigating the state of ASLR on Android, how Zygote breaks it, and how we fixed it in our ROM.

Introducing: Copperhead

A new information security firm based in Toronto, Canada.