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Managing CopperheadOS Deployments for Enterprise

Posted by James Donaldson on April 20, 2021

Secure, private devices and locked down policies

A sea of acronyms - what is a UEM?

Over the years the systems used to manage corporate IT have evolved, changing with them the acronyms used to represent what they do. From Enterprise Mobility Management, to Mobile Device Management or the modern UEM; Enterprise customers require solutions which deliver organizational control and monitoring of business-critical devices and information. Providers no longer distinguish between the mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, or desktop workstations which make up the device fleets of Enterprise customers. Enter the UEM, Unified Endpoint Management systems which allow administrators to monitor the health and security of their deployed fleet of endpoints, wherever human and technology interact.

Android Compatible, CopperheadOS secure

CopperheadOS is pleased to announce our compatibility with modern UEM providers. Our team has tested and successfully deployed managed CopperheadOS devices, allowing for fully managed Corporately Owned, and Corporately Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) deployment, as well as privacy focused Bring Your Own Device model deployments.

Android Enterprise and AOSP

Through the Android 11 Device Owner and Managed Profile APIs present in the Android Open Source Project, CopperheadOS delivers strong compatibility with standard Android deployment models, and continued compatibility with Android apps. All without Google Mobile Services, the Google Play Store, or a Google Suite account.

Whether you own the device itself, or just the personal profile on your corporately deployed CopperheadOS device, you can rest assured that your personal data and business critical data are separated and secured. Lock down CopperheadOS devices further by restricting access to Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, restricting app installation methods and more. The possibilities are endless.

Get enrolled quickly and easily with just a QR code on a first run device, or install and enroll through a UEM provider APK on your BYO-Device*.

Supporting IBM, Mobileiron, SOTI and Airwatch MDM

See what the world’s most secure device can achieve hand in hand with industry leading UEM such as MobileIron’s Mobile@Work and MobileIronGo, Blackberry UEM and MTD, IBM MaaS360, SOTI and many more.

For inquiries and information, please contact info@copperhead.co with the subject Enterprise Deployments or speak with your Copperhead sales partner.

Deployment models and enrollment details will vary by UEM provider and Enterprise IT policy demands.