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CopperheadOS Pixels Available

Posted by James Donaldson on August 06, 2017

CopperheadOS Secure Android Pixels available from our online store

Copperhead's online store now has all North American radio variants of the Pixel line, secured with CopperheadOS, available for purchase and shipping to North America. CopperheadOS Pixels are the most secure devices we support and come equipped with exclusive features such as seamless background OS updating. All Pixel and Pixel XL variants are up for sale: 32G and 128G, Black and Silver. We accept Bitcoin for Pixels [if you get in touch with us](mailto:sales@copperhead.co?subject=BTC Order).

Current Pixel owners who wish to have CopperheadOS flashed on their device can send their device to us to be secured. International radio Pixels can be accepted this way!

We do recognize there is a large demand for CopperheadOS outside of North America and we're putting the final polishing on the next stage of global distribution: Copperhead's Certified Resellers Network (this has been activated here). The Certified Resellers Network will provide regional distribution and support to businesses, organizations and users who demand the best endpoint security for their Pixel and Nexus devices.