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Copperhead: A New Direction

Posted by James Donaldson on March 30, 2020

New design to go with a new direction

Last week we delivered major improvements to Copperhead's marketing style with the launch of our new website, providing our new customers with ways to reach us and a fresh coat of paint for our new direction as a company. It was surely time! With this, we can share a public resource on what Copperhead as a business has been focusing on for the last few years; Licensing our software and working with channel partners to build mutual success.

License from us

Copperhead licensing has been our #1 request from users since the get go. The requests we received always seemed to split into two directions which enabled us to create two product offerings to fit every need: The Copperhead Managed Deployment and Self-Managed Zero-Touch deployment.

Read more about these deployments and who could best benefit from them.

Become a Copperhead Partner

The Copperhead Partner network, which is by no means new, previously wasn't prominently displayed so that companies understood they could sign up with us to provide products and solutions to their clients. The Copperhead Partner network is an exciting initiative which businesses can take advantage of to add top-notch security to their product bundles while increasing their revenue.

Copperhead is laser focused on giving our partners the top-tier support they require.

Copperhead's product position in the market grants us the ability to work with various businesses.

  • The retailer who wants to sell phones out of their locations
  • The technology company who would like to integrate their product (i.e., Encrypted messaging application, EMM, IDS)
  • The hardware manufacturer or project manager of a ODM who wants to sell a custom handset with top security
  • The solutions consultant who wants to white-label and manage CopperheadOS for sale to their clients
  • The mobile operator who wants to provide their clients with secure handsets for their communications

.. and more.

If you're an ambitious start-up company, a non-profit or an industry stalwart: we want to work with you. Apply as a Copperhead Partner today.