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Secure Android rebrands available

Posted by James Donaldson on September 27, 2023

Table of Contents

What is an Android Rebrand?

The state of Android Rebrands in the past

The state of secure CopperheadOS rebrands

  1. CopperheadOS Boot Logo
  2. Rebranded Boot Logo

Customizing Wallpaper

  1. CopperheadOS Wallpaper
  2. Rebranded Wallpaper

Customizing Application Store

  1. CopperheadOS Application Store
  2. Rebranded Application Store

Who handles the OS updates?

What is an Android Rebrand?

The process of rebranding an Android device is a well-established system that has been in place since AOSP was first released. Users have always been curious as to how they can personalize their devices and Android versions outside of what is available in stock, or on the hardware already. Customization has always been one of Android’s strengths and the open-nature of Android has permitted varying degrees of customization to occur throughout it’s versions.

Android Rebrand is the process of customizing an Android device to suit the user’s design specifications.

The state of Android rebrands in the past

Among the many requests from prospective customers for Copperhead services one of the top has consistently been “How can I rebrand the device while letting you handle the security?”.

Since our release of CopperheadOS in early 2014 customers have been wondering how they could rebrand CopperheadOS to match their brand while retaining all of the security properties of the device. They would like to change the wallpaper, accent colours, installed apps by default. To rebrand a device requires system-level permissions to change certain items especially the boot animation. Maintaining patches meant that partners would have to routinely pull down our code, integrate it with their forked base and re-deploy to their devices. This process is expensive in resources – time, expertise and hardware. If there were conflicts in the code between a Partners codebase and upstream Copperhead expert personnel would have to be brought in to solve the issue. Maintaining bi-weekly patches is no easy feat for a VAR or sales-focused business. Generally, a technology partner would license our code from us and have to buy expensive build hardware to build CopperheadOS on-prem and deploy with their cosmetic upgrades..

Until now.

All Copperhead Partners can rebrand their devices, securely.

Even the boot animation!

The state of secure CopperheadOS rebrands

Copperhead has been offering rebrands to our Partners for over a year now. The experience of opening a device with your own brand, without needing to maintain anything about the OS, is a refreshing experience. But what exactly can be rebranded on the device?

Currently Partners will be able to effortlessly rebrand all aspects of the OS.

Some examples are:

  • Wallpaper
  • Accent colours
  • Installed applications by-default
  • Application Store
  • Boot animation

Yes, you read that correctly, we can provide a completely rebranded boot animation on bootup for our Partners!

The following are picture examples of the rebrand design in action.

The first image will be the default CopperheadOS style and the following picture will show off what rebrands are capable of!

We can customize any aspect of the OS to match your product bundle.

CopperheadOS Boot Up

CopperheadOS boot up

Rebranded Boot Up

Rebrand boot up


CopperheadOS Wallpaper

CopperheadOS wallpaper

Rebranded wallpaper

Android Rebrand wallpaper


Copperhead Application Store

CopperheadOS appstore

Rebranded Application Store

Android Rebrand appstore

Who handles the OS updates?

We do!

Through our proprietary technology we have integrated a way for Partners to deploy CopperheadOS with a rebrand on our keys. All of the same security, internally, but now rebranded to match your brand. Rebranded devices receive updates at the same time as the rest of CopperheadOS devices so your customers can stay secure and try out our ever-evolving features list. We have the hardware, the expertise and the processes to make sure the OS runs on time. Let us handle it.

Contact us now to get your secure Android Rebrand story started.