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CopperheadOS Android 13

Posted by James Donaldson on February 21, 2023

CopperheadOS and Android 13

After extensive work and thorough testing Android 13 is now available on CopperheadOS for the latest devices! Check for a non-exhaustive list of Google’s Android 13 changes here.

CopperheadOS continues Partner-based advancements with Android 13

Copperhead’s Partner Network and their customers are the #1 most important priority for the company. In Android 12, we released a revolutionary method to secure devices and rebrand them with Partner designs without compromising security or requiring extensive technical know-how. It is now possible to have a fully rebranded device, locked down with customizable policies without needing Android building staff or technical knowledge.

CopperheadOS is now supported on the Pixel 7 and 6a

The latest devices brings about the greatest in security improvements and hardware performance. The Pixel 7 and 6a are now available to our Partners deployable via our web-installer and license portal.

2022 Advancements

Throughout the 2021 year Copperhead progressed through multiple technological advancements while keeping CopperheadOS’s security the primary focus.

Web-based Flasher

Web Installer

Long gone are the days of compiling binaries with outdated driver flashing tools or maintaining multiple software components based on the Partner platform. What works on Apple might not work on Windows or Linux. Copperhead’s updated web flasher takes the pain out of deploying devices to customers. All that is required for use is a compatible web-browser, device and our Partners can quickly get devices ready for their customers. Less time configuring means more time to sell and support customers!

Privacy-based licensing and portal

Licensing devices in a privacy-enabled manner was once thought as a pipe dream. The idea that all licensing requires “DRM” blocked many privacy-focused companies from deploying devices to their customers, instead opting to build themselves. Building Android, while rewarding, requires powerful hardware and technical knowledge to keep up to date with security patches and fixes.

Copperhead deployed our second iteration of our Privacy-based licensing portal in Q3 2022. The portal is the gateway to our privacy-licensing mechanisms and enables Copperhead Partners to interface with all manners of licensing. Partners can easily create licenses from credits, renew licenses or provide rebrand packages all with a few button clicks. It’s never been easier to start up a business focused on selling Secure Android devices while leaving the technical expertise to us.

Rebrand and Policy Packages

Not all Partners want the same capabilities on their customers devices. Some Partners want a completely open system, at the whim of the user, for maximum convenience. Some Partners want Google-Play disabled or even removed from the system. Some Partners want a completely locked down experience – no Bluetooth, no Wifi, no browser, all to protect their users from complicated phishing attacks and remote-exploitation. Copperhead Partners can customize devices to match their brand, including the boot animation, while retaining CopperheadOS’s secure and fully redundant key infrastructure.


2023 will be another year of industry advancement and experience. Copperhead is poised and prepared to continue to support our Partners and their customers with the best in customer experience and security.