Copperhead and CopperheadOS Frequently Asked Questions

This document outlines various questions posed to Copperhead and is meant to clarify potentially inaccurate information. Customer support questions can be found at the support desk.

Is CopperheadOS dead?

No. CopperheadOS continues to protect customers using the greatest in privacy and security protection. Copperhead experienced a minor development hiccup in late 2018 that led to unfounded speculation of CopperheadOS's demise. Copperhead takes our obligation to customer's privacy and security seriously which is why CopperheadOS was updated within a month of the disruption.

How can I get CopperheadOS?

Contact us or search for a distributor in your region.

Is CopperheadOS still actively developed?

YES. CopperheadOS has been actively maintained since 2016 and continues to provide mobile users with the protection they need to stay secure. Copperhead releases updates to CopperheadOS bi-weekly and has consistently updated to every major Android version.

What happened to CopperheadOS?

We haven't gone anywhere 😎. CopperheadOS is still here.

What's up with your old subreddit?

Unfortunately CopperheadOS's old subreddit has been defaced and is currently providing inaccurate information. Reddit has been notified but has been unresponsive to our legal notices. Copperhead's true Reddit is /r/Copperhead.

Is CopperheadOS free?

Copperhead provided free downloads of CopperheadOS Nexus 5 and 6p builds between 2016 to 2018. At that time, CopperheadOS was permissively licensed to allow innovation, development and broader community support. Unfortunately due to widespread violation of our license and expanding resource requirements, CopperheadOS became a paid product with the launch of Pixel support. Copperhead sales provides us the resources to offer the best in service and security to protect our customers. Price considerations are provided to NGO's and non-profits upon request.

Who has access to CopperheadOS's signing keys?

Only Copperhead has access to CopperheadOS signing keys. Android's signing key process ensures the integrity of Android updates. CopperheadOS utilizes Android's over-the-air mechanism to push updates to devices and is protected via RSA-2048 encryption. CopperheadOS's signing keys are kept protected by cyber-attack as well as protected against physical interception.

Has access to CopperheadOS signing keys ever been requested? What if there is a request?

No requests have been made for CopperheadOS signing keys. Copperhead takes the protection of CopperheadOS' signing keys with the utmost sincerity and never has or never will provided access to CopperheadOS' signing keys to any external parties. In the event that CopperheadOS signing keys are at risk of intervention, interception or destruction, Copperhead will deploy its full legal resources to protect our customers.