Secure Android built for encrypted and secure phones by a privacy focused company. Available as security-centric and privacy focused Google-free Android for the latest Pixel devices.
Latest Stable:2020.10.05SetupWizard provides full backup and restore functionality. Read More >
Currently supported on the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a series.
Available through the Copperhead Partner network via hardware and software downloads.

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Top of the line mobile security

CopperheadOS is an Android security and privacy focused mobile operating system compatible with Android apps. Available as Google-free secure Android on the latest secure phone.

Protection from zero-days and exploits

Security-centric, non- technical user experience

Highest level of encryption by default

No Google or any tracking analytics

Sandboxing and application isolation

Source code available for review and auditing

Zero-touch on-premises CopperheadOS deployment available

Integrates with the latest MDM and IDS mobility software

CopperheadOS secured phone

Take control of your digital life with CopperheadOS

Mobile devices are easy targets for hackers so we developed the most secure android, CopperheadOS, to protect against a variety of attack vectors. Copperhead's technical documentation is available for review.

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Secure phone features

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Use the latest top-of-the-line Google secure Android phone without worrying about who has access to your data.

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Download our marketing sheet here.

Hardened C standard library and compiler toolchain

Catches memory corruption and integer overflows.

Hardened kernel

Kernel self-protection and high quality ASLR.

Stronger sandboxing and isolation for apps & services

Stricter SELinux policies, seccomp-bpf and more

Privacy enabled by default

Strong privacy controls, no tracking services and more

Backported security features and quicker patching

Benefiting from upstream changes long before stock

Firewall & network hardening

Along with improvements like MAC randomization

Source-available and free of proprietary services

Uses alternatives to Google apps/services like F-Droid