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CopperheadOS updates

This page is a list of the high level changes we’ve made to CopperheadOS corresponding to the build date of the release. CopperheadOS releases pre-July 2018 will be updated here in the near future.

Customers can check what version of CopperheadOS they are on by going to Settings -> System -> About -> Build Number.

CopperheadOS release 2018.11.11

  • Updated to November security patch level
  • Upgraded Chromium to 70.0.3538.77
  • Upgraded Etar Calendar to 1.0.13
  • Decoupled F-Droid from the OS release key for faster releases
  • Upgraded F-Droid to 1.4
  • Fixed issue with Dialer and Contacts

CopperheadOS release 2018.10.24

  • Updated to October security patch level
  • Upgraded Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL kernels to 4.4.162
  • Upgraded Pixel and Pixel XL kernels to 3.18.124

CopperheadOS release 2018.09.18

  • Updated to September security patch level
  • Added Wireguard kernel driver for future VPN work
  • Added backup application for GUI backups

CopperheadOS release 2018.07.07

  • Updated to July security patch level
  • Added glue wrapper scripts to assist in building (check script/)
  • Changed update domain
  • Added Pixel 2 XL wallpaper