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CopperheadOS usage guide

This is a placeholder for ongoing work on a CopperheadOS usage guide, covering how to make use of the security features, details on properly leveraging the existing user-facing Android security features and alternatives to Google Play Services.

Advanced camera features

Install the Open Camera app from F-Droid and enable “Use Camera2 API” in the settings menu. This enables support for features like manual ISO configuration and HDR mode.


OsmAnd (OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions) can be installed from F-Droid and provides map viewing and mobile navigation. It has the killer feature of optional support for downloading the OpenStreetMap database for chosen regions. In addition to the obvious advantage of not having a dependency on an internet connection, offline mapping offers more privacy. It’s recommended to use the offline mode if you have enough storage space to spare.

If you really need Google Maps, you can use their web application. It’s not as nice as the mobile app but the core functionality is all there.