Protect your data.

Take advantage of the conveniences of an interconnected world without the risk.
We provideWe Are

Mobile security experts.

Expertise built on experience, dedication and passion. We take the time to understand your operations and tailor a security strategy to your unique requirements.

We provideWe Provide

Safety with mobility.

Security, privacy and convenience in a single package.

We proudly protect Fortune 500 companies, governments and NGO's worldwide.


Encrypted phone protected by CopperheadOS
Use top-of-the-line Google phones with secure Android without worrying about who has access to your data.

Physical tampering protection

Malicious Operating Systems cannot be loaded on to a device and CopperheadOS cannot be downgraded.

Exploit protection

Superior memory management increases the difficulty for attackers. Keep attackers guessing by vastly increasing the amount of resources needed to find and capitalize on vulnerabilities.

No analytics or tracking

Google-free Android & no hidden OEM bloatware.

Available through Copperhead's partner network

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Tap Copperhead's cyber-security and software development experience and grow you or your team's ability.

Personnel training on the latest cybersecurity threats and regulations
Data privacy awareness training
Secure mobile development auditing and review
Contact us about training
CopperheadChoose the Copperhead OS license that's right for your organization
Copperhead Managed Deployment
Get up and running quickly and easily, even if you don’t have top-level security expertise within your organization.License features:
  • Regular updates through our secure servers
  • Engineering support
  • Consulting services
  • Full operations security reviews
License offered at a monthly fee per device with discounts based on volume.Learn more about our Managed Deployment
Self-Managed Zero-Touch Deployment
A good choice if you need a greater degree of control and have robust internal IT security resources.License features:
  • You provide update infrastructure
  • Manage your own product encryption keys
  • Deploy at an interval that is comfortable to your organisation
  • Support services are available from Copperhead
License offered at a monthly fee per device, with discounts based on volume and length of term.Learn more about our On-Premise Deployment
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