Partnership Announcement: NCrypt Cellular

NCrypt/CopperheadOS secure handsets available for sale in Australia and New Zealand.
A blog post by James Donaldson from 1 year ago

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I’m proud to announce that Copperhead has partnered with NCrypt Cellular to provide distribution for CopperheadOS-protected handsets. NCrypt devices utilize CopperheadOS’s defense mechanisms to protect the user from attacks while retaining privacy via NCrypt’s installed applications. It’s a perfect match for both privacy focused customers and data-sensitive industries!

NCrypt Cellular have always been supportive of CopperheadOS and even from the first email received, I could tell right away that we were a good fit for a commercial partnership. NCrypt understands the importance of protecting their users data while also understanding the value that CopperheadOS can provide to their handset security. They are a shining example of a pro-privacy organization in a world that seems to unfortunately increase intrusive surveillance day-by-day.

My primary objective in Copperhead is the sustaining of the business. As of late, I have been incredibly busy formulating worldwide organization partnerships with the explicit intent of sustaining Copperhead and, thus CopperheadOS. If you work inside of an organization and think we can align: get in touch with me. CopperheadOS adds value to any existing and future mobile solution - from hardware providers to software solutions to consultancies and others.

This partnership gives us reach inside of regions we haven’t sold to yet, so, if you’re looking a CopperheadOS protected handset let NCrypt know.

copperhead partners with ncrypt


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