Releases availability

CopperheadOS can be built from source, purchased from our store or a Authorized Copperhead Reseller.

Licensing information

Devices and licensed downloads come with a per-device commercial license for the official builds. CopperheadOS commercial licenses can be utilized towards white-labeled or custom ported devices. Licensing keeps CopperheadOS free for personal use and non-profits while providing Copperhead with important product feedback. Support, maintenance and licensing requests can be made by filling out our sales form. Contact sales for obtaining commercial licensing for the source code, bulk sales of devices or custom development work. We can port CopperheadOS to new devices, do OEM device bringups and provide support/maintenance for deployments. License violators can be reported by emailing our license reporting team.

Copperhead Authorized Resellers

Resellers have access to our development talent, commercial licenses, integration and support assistance, CopperheadOS downloads and hardware.

Apply here.

Resellers are required to have an operational website and must have a legally incorporated company in the region they distribute in.


CopperheadOS source code for all devices are made available to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, along with some portions that are GPL2 (kernel) or GPL3 (F-Droid). Personal use is free, commercial use of any and all CopperheadOS code requires a licensing arrangement with Copperhead. Non-profit organisations will be granted an exemption from commercial use upon receipt of official non-profit documentation. Copperhead is the only company that has rights over the CopperheadOS project and owns the trademark, branding and multiple international copyrights for CopperheadOS and it's components. This license covers all components of CopperheadOS from it's initial release to the present day. These components include all of our past, current and future features as well as:

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