CopperheadOS releases

See the documentation for installation and building instructions along with technical information on the operating system.

CopperheadOS source code and builds are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, other than some portions that are GPL2 (kernel, LegacyUpdater) or GPL3 (F-Droid). Commercial usage of CopperheadOS requires working out a licensing arrangement with Copperhead or purchasing devices from us and using the OS on them unmodified.

Pixel support

Official builds for the Pixel and Pixel XL will be a product sold to customers in the near future, separately from devices sold with CopperheadOS installed. Basic customer support is included with the purchase, just like purchasing a device. The sources remain publicly available under the same licensing as Nexus devices. Buying it offers the convenience of official builds with automatic updates rather than building each release, signing it with your own keys that are appropriately secured and flashing / sideloading the updates. A license needs to be purchased for each device running the official builds. For example, if a customer is going to be using 2 Pixel devices and a Pixel XL with CopperheadOS, they need to purchase 2 licenses for the Pixel and 1 license for the Pixel XL. If a Pixel running the official builds of CopperheadOS is sold, the CopperheadOS license is considered to be sold with it.

Date Device Version Factory images Update zip
Date Device Version Factory images Update zip

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