Support CopperheadOS development!

At this stage we're entirely self-funding the project and looking to build out the project with community support. The Copperhead team works hard to keep our Android OS entirely open and accessible to everyone.

All donations will go directly to supporting CopperheadOS including:

  • Hardware (CPU/SSD/etc) for building Android from source
  • File servers for distributing OTA updates
  • Site hosting
  • Mobile devices for QA and testing
  • Paying developers
  • Providing alcohol to developers to cope with the mess that is Android
With community support we can speed up our release cycles with faster builds and focus more of our time on developing CopperheadOS.

Payment methods: Credit cards (via Stripe), Bitcoin, and Paypal.

Bitcoin address: 1DbRzEwZar9T7KF6tE8zUxKmuj9VJhD5U6

Paypal: please send payments to

We're also working on some ways to publicly recognize the supporters of CopperheadOS, such as highlighting contributors on our website and sending out perks to those who make a significant contribution.

We appreciate the support!
- Copperhead Team